Video Game Development

I am the Co-Founder, CEO, and Creative Director of Stupor Studios. We are an international two man team (Ben Evans and myself) and we’ve been working on game projects since 2012.

My Chain Reaction is a physics based 3D puzzle game that we built as a work-for-hire project. It is currently playable on Facebook.




Fish In A Barrel is a 3D arcade shooter game that we designed and built independently. It is currently playable on Facebook, PC/Mac, and web.


I’ve participated in several game jams, contributing game design, 3D art/animation, 2D art, sound design, and/or playtesting for the following games.

   Indie Speed Run 2013 – Hallway To Hell


 Global Game Jam 2013 – Have A Heart  


 MolyJam 2012 – 28 Frames Later: Gutters Of Blood


 Global Game Jam 2012 – Grab Apple




(2013) I co-founded the Santa Cruz Unity Users Group, a meetup group focused on the Unity game engine and game development. Unfortunately, I had to step down as organizer when I moved to Los Angeles, but the group lives on without me!



(2012) I co-wrote a tutorial article with Ben Evans for Gamasutra’s Game Career Guide entitled “DIY RPG: Make Your Own RPG With The Source Engine”.



(2011) I did level design and playtesting for Xulu, a 3D open world game that is currently in alpha.